Tamper kits include the pieces shown in the picture

Tamping part is nickel plated brass, 15mm diameter and 20mm long, 8mm diameter where it meets the brass tube. Brass tube may be connected to tamper piece when you receive it.

Brass tube is 5mm OD, 3.5mm ID, 63mm long and will need to be epoxied onto the tamping piece

Ring that poker threads into is nickel plated, 8mm diameter at the finished ring, 1.5mm thick, 5mm diameter to recess into the material you choose to cover the brass tube, will need to be epoxied into your material you cover the brass with

Poker is nickel plated, handle tip is 8mm diameter and 14mm long. Poker end is 60mm long, 3.5mm diameter with a 35mm long flattened side, this whole piece threads into the female part mentioned above.