PIMO’s Guide to Pipe Crafting at Home


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112 pages, 190 illustrations, Soft Cover


  • Make Briar Pipes
  • Craft Freehands
  • Choose The Materials For Your Pipe
  • Cut Several Pipes From One Briar Piece
  • Drill The Holes By Hand Or In A Drill Press
  • Fit, Bend and Finish Stems
  • Sand, Stain and Polish Pipes
  • Carve Briar

In stock


Briar Pipe Making Book

A Satisfying Hobby or Lucrative Business

It’s quite easy to make pipes even if you don’t have elaborate machinery. Our detailed, fully illustrated book guides you through all of the steps to successfully craft standard and free-hand pipes. Our tools – the drill bits and tenon turning tool – are the first ones of their kind offered to pipe crafters. All that you need to achieve a perfectly drilled pipe is an electric hand drill, a hacksaw or coping saw, a vise, some files, drill bits and patience (the best tool of all). If you are handy and creative, after you have made a few pipes, you can have a very satisfying hobby or prosperous spare-time or full-time business. Many outstanding pipe artisans have begun just this way.

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