Imitation ivory


PLEASE NOTE – we will cut half meters and full meters into 1/4m lengths to fit inside shipping box. If you require full length rods in half meter or full meter, please email us for directions to make an additional payment towards shipping. 

12mm-34mm are sold in 6″, 10″, 12″, or 1/2 meter lengths

38mm-72mm and square/rectangle are sold in 6″ lengths only (longer sections can be special ordered upon request)

82mm is currently not available but can be special ordered upon request

special grade is denser and whiter and comes in only these diameters; 14mm, 26mm, 34mm

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Highest quality imitation ivory ever made, resin based material that is stronger than polyester rods, shows the end grain feature of real ivory with the Shreger lines. It flouresces under a black light so you will be able to discern it from real ivory.