FMI lot 3c


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9 3/8″ long

4 3/4″ wide

2 ponds 6 ounces total

3 pictures of the same piece

cannot ship to these US states; NY, NJ, CA, HI, NV, IL or the country of India, but we can ship anywhere else in the world, please email us if this is a problem

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Only 1 left in stock


Fossil mammoth ivory from Russian wooly mammoth tusks

10,000-40,000 years old

This collection has been in America for over 40 years so it is stable and dried, compared to the more modern finds in the ice beds that still have many years of drying/curing/cracking to go

As you may or may not know, the overall price per pound that we are charging is well below market value for such quality of material

Please view our other pages for assorted blocks, larger blocks, unique pieces like inner cones, and also casted slices that are casted in colored acrylic resin (these will be available in the future)

All pieces contain some sort of cracking, as does all mammoth ivory

No blocks are stabilized except for the casted blocks that are casted in an acrylic resin (which will be available to purchase in the future)

This lot has all pieces sanded and polished, no finish and no stabilization