The Pipeman’s Daily Fare
120 pages

From Gary’s words;
The Pipeman’s Daily Fare After a lengthy absence, original poetry written for the pipe-smoking man is back. With a reverence for the past and a youthful taste for the present, Assaad G. Bachaalani has wrought a comprehensive selection of poems and limericks surely to delight the pipeman who demands the most from his smoking sojourns. Topics as diverse as the sandblasted finish, fishing, Dunhill, dogs, Kaywoodie, women, death, the young piper, the best mixtures, pipe gurgle, the new self-consciousness smoker, types of collectors, sweet mixtures, driving with a pipe, the master carver versus apprentice, types of briar grain, cigars, pressed tobaccos, pipe cake—and much more. Bachaalani has written a rich, poetic tapestry of words that are soothing on the mind and, unlike a good deal of poetry, written sensibly to exclude no one from its finer meaning and enjoyment.

American pipemen of all cants now have a neat and comprehensive volume of poetry that appends gracefully to that classic culture of rugged individualism which includes the briar pipe as its badge of freedom and refined taste. Illustrated with classic briar-pipe images from a period English catalogue, Bachaalani’s The Pipeman’s Daily Fare will take you above and beyond the smoke of your fragrant weed to a loftier state of smoking pleasure.

Hardcover with dustjacket.