312 pages hard cover book with fantastic pictures!

Danish made book in English. There are not many pipe smokers who have the privilege of witnessing the birth of some of the world’s most beautiful pipes. Therefore, it was an ambition to capture some of the magic of the workshops in this coffee table book “The Pipe – a Functional Work of Art”. The reader is invited into the workshops of Tom Eltang, Anne Julie, Former, Tao, Chonowitsch, Lars Ivarsson and many more. It is all presented with beautiful photos and descriptions of their work and
The book also describes the materials used for pipes. How is briar harvested and how does excellent briar separate from mediocre briar? The book also gives advice that maybe will make you happier with the pipes you own. Finally, the book investigates how pipe tobacco is produced and what is inside the beautifully ornamented tins.
We hope the book will convey new insights to pipe smokers at all levels. One thing is for sure: The photos are so breathtaking they will keep all pipe smokers awake at night in the desire of owning the pipes portrayed in this book